Saturday, August 14, 2010
What a post.

YEAH. Finally a blog post. It's like I'm sick of my blog already. Every time I just feel like blogging, then I go to my blog, feel like, 'I'm doing this AGAIN?!!' and then ask myself what I'm going to post about and decide that I shan't post. GAH. And I thought maybe I should change my blogskin to make myself get all hyped up about blogging again, so I went to and searched and searched and guess what I found. Not a single nice skin):

And so I went to tumblr and was going to create one when I couldn't think of a nice name to put. So in the end I didn't create one. So I'm back to square one, posting a post about why I haven't posted for so long.

What a post.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
It's only the third day of school, for goodness' sake. And I feel like a million things have happened.
What's up with the world these days man. Three days. and it already feels like hell.
well, okay, maybe not all's hell. Just really hope that stuff will turn out okay. I mean, we put in all this effort and we're not going to let it just get dumped away like useless trash right. And working even harder to make things really work is the only way that we can make all this worth it. OKAY. i think I've spoken enough code here.
Friday, June 18, 2010
great. 3quarters of the June hols just flew past. and it feels like I pretty much rotted my time away at home being totally unproductive. oh wells. SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM HOLIDAY HOMEWROK!):

Well anyway. I think I somehow am looking forward to school reopening, for once. And besides, SKYLARK is coming up! *Advert time!*

15 July, THURSday, either 4.30 or 7.30 at our audi!
tickets at $12 each

If you can make it, please please come!:D
Monday, June 7, 2010
hmms. should I change my blogskin? It'll be glee-based, of course!(:
Okay, I need a post to revive my blog.
anyways. stupid right. the more you dont want to seep people, the more you do.
anyways. 8 days of hols have passed. and frankly, I have barely done any homework. and yes, i know that I totally should start now, butbut see, chinese SIA is like, bleagh. don't know how to do already. and la reflections is like so wth? and reading R&J sucks. oh, and TR1, I don't even know how to do the first question? and yeah, i know that's really dumb of me. and history. I haven't found a good Samaritan who had copied everything. so yeah. sucks.
and seeing my schedule, i wont have time to do homework, especially in week3.
okay, done with the homework part.
GLEE! okay, fangirling starts here(:
STUPID JESSE. he's such an ass. YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID. he and the other vocal adrenaline people threw eggs at rachel. It was like, Rachel saw him and was running so happily to Jesse, cos Jesse had this huge smile on his face. then suddenly the vocal adrenaline people popped out of nowhere and threw eggs at her. and then one of them asked him to throw his egg. "are you with us or not?"
then Rachel said, "Do it. Break it like you broke my heart."
And Jesse said, " I loved you." And he cracks the egg right on rachel's forehead.
And when I was watching that, i was expecting him to consider whether to throw the egg or not then decide to throw the egg on the floor and get rid of the rest of vocal adrenaline.
TSK. what a disappointment. and to believe that I actually liked Jesse at some point. and as though he's not disgusting enough, in real life, jesse is 'gay and proud of it.' that's what he said. yuckkkk.
and there's only one more episode left in season 1 of glee): anyway. I bet it's gonna be an awesome one. glee HAS to win regionals. so that stupid Jesse can't get another national title for his senior year. YEAH. something to break his ego. and no, I'm not being sadistic, it's not my fault that Jesse is such an ass. hahaha
anyway, I think Mathea has proven to me enough that Puck if great. (and to think that Mathea, of all people, decided to watch glee and now likes finn hahaha)
ANYWAYS. for those who have heard awesome songs from glee, GO WATCH GLEE! they'll be showing it on channel 5 premiering 9 JUNE, THIS WEDNESDAY AT 10PM!
Monday, May 24, 2010
And yes, i have barely packed.
Anyway, let's all really really hope that I don't see SOME PEOPLE. So TOOT laa. Why must arrange until clash! Malacca not very big one you know. anyway. the more I don't want to meet some people, the higher the possibility that that'll happen, so yeah, I'll shut up here.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
I can't help but note how... weird today was.

I think our Chem teacher is apparently giving us assignment marks for free or something. but it just means that if anyone doesn't get full marks for that assignment, she's just plain dumb.

And then Chinese was.. weird. We were supposed to discuss about Mr Goh Keng Swee but due to Lesley's absence, we ended up untying each others' shoelaces and doing funny stuff to the 2 faces at the back of dou hao. and good thing there wasn't enough time for us to 'present' our discussion.

And I thought lunch prac was rather... unproductive? But at least we kind of learnt the songs except the di tanjong katong. but why everything so rushhh!

Homeecons was like, what the?! we were experimenting on the browning of apples. seriously. weird. and that was our very last homeecons lesson.

and CME. Which was epic cos Tasia and I were doing weird things. shan't mention it here, it's... weird. haha(:

then LA. it definitely started off super weird. cos Mrs Heng was walking in front of rong-yin and I to com lab and then she suddenly stopped and put all the poetry package files on the latch-y thing and said, cannot take it already, help me carry. then reach com lab that time, the class was there alr and going to greet her and I was putting it at her table when she said, heavy or not? and I was like, HUH?! and then I kind of said yes and then she said, and I have to carry it for all my 3 classes. so I was like, okayyy.

and then later on clarice was like, you were helping her to carry?!! and giving me the omg-weird look. And then the usual crapping and then she gave out poetry package, which was... weird cos suddenly this group of people wanted to read my poem. which was really weirdly unusual. and then she gave us our newspaper, which was, okay, I guess. And then we checked our LA marks. and found out that if you gave higher to yourself for the self-check for OC, she MIGHT give you higher. cos ego clarice put 26 and wrote on my paper 25 for me (which is totally OFF can!) and we got... a mark or 2 higher than a couple of people? haha!(: and so, when teacher was talking about how we ourselves knew that we didn't do well for OC, we were like, omg, and laughing like crazy.

SO. like I said, in short, today was a WEIRD day. which makes it unique.
OH GAWD. I don't think I've made any sense at all in this whole post!